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Whether You have Eaten the Raw foods are Highly Nutritional or Deadly?

To begin with, have you ever inebriated crude soy drain? Its fatal poison is saponin. Because of the crude soybean contain lethal fixings, on the off chance that you drink the uncooked soy drain, it might bring about sustenance harming. Particularly when the soy drain is warmed to around 80℃, the saponin warm extension, and shape the wonder of “false bubbling”. Indeed, exhibit the saponin and other dangerous fixings in soy drain are not totally crushed, in the event that you drink this drain, it will bring about harming, for the most part onset after the utilization of 0.5 to 1 hours, chiefly is gastroenteritis side effects. Detoxification techniques: keeping in mind the end goal to keep the harming of drinking crude drain, when you heat up the drain, subsequent to seeming “false bubbling” ought to likewise keep warming to 100 ° C. what’s more, cooked drain has no froth.

Second, do you eat fresh fungus? Do you know that its lethal toxin is the morpholine class of light-sensitive material? Fresh fungus contains a morpholine class of light-sensitive material, and it is sensitive to light, after eating and exposing to the sun will cause solar dermatitis and the severe individual but also have dyspnea due to laryngeal edema. So we must not eat fresh fungus.

Third, when you place the potato at home for a long time, it will sprout. Its deadly toxin is solanine. The potato is one of the regular consumption of vegetables in the family dinner table, but it contains toxic ingredients, and the whole plant contains the toxin. However, the various parts has the different content, but mature potato content is less, and generally do not cause poisoning. While, potato buds, flowers, leaves and tubers in the outer layer of skin contain high levels of solanine, and the parts of the toxins of potato buds or even several times to several hundred times higher than the fleshy part. Green immature potatoes or potato tubers due to improper storage contain highly toxic substances. Detoxification methods: In order to prevent the potato poisoning, we can put potato in a cool dry place to prevent germination. When we eat, if we find germination or skin was dark green, it is best not to eat.

At the same time, we had better not eat leftovers, because it contains much nitrite. So in order to our health, we should eat healthy and safe foods.